Not all freedom fighters use weapons. Employ your wits to fix the radio connection between the rebel forces and help the nation get the control of its country back!

AuthorDamyan 'dastmo' Momchev
Made withUnity, Bosca Ceoil
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast


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Nice concept. Would have been nice to have some indication of what is currently connected and what isn't, maybe with colour, though I realise you may have been going for the monochromatic challenge. Music is good, if a bit repetitive so the ability to switch it off would have been welcome. Also would have been nice to have some kind of indication of success rather than simply loading the next level. Controls are simple and work well. Good job, overall.


Thanks for your feedback! I have thought about some of the points you mentioned. For example, I thought about making all non-connected tiles flash the same way antennas do. Once the jam's judging period is over I might take that a bit further.

However, due to time constraints this weekend, I had to cut some functionalities and mechanics that were in the original design concept. :)

Really good game! got stuck on lvl 2 for longer than I should have :)